Add Example Applications

With your new Nuvla installation up and running, you can now populate it with useful container based applications. The Nuvla team maintains a few example applications on the Nuvla GitHub organisation.

The docker images of these applications are configured to take advantage of Nuvla features, including for example SSH configuration or data management integration.

For example, we have:

  1. example-ubuntu
  2. example-centos
  3. example-rstudio
  4. example-jupyter

These GitHub repos contain script you can run to register the container in Nuvla. You simply have to set a few environment variables to point to your Nuvla installation.

To use these scripts, simply execute the steps below.

pip install nuvla-api
git clone # for example for Ubuntu
cd example-ubuntu                                     # for example for Ubuntu

You should now see the application in your Nuvla’s App Store.

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