To ensure a smooth and fully functional installation of the NuvlaBox Engine, please make sure you comply with the following system requirements.

OS Requirements

Ideally, you should be running one of the following:

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Raspbian

Other Linux distributions should also work, but will require testing.

Functionalities like the automatic discovery and categorization of peripherals are not ensured for macOS and Windows.

You also need an internet connection.

Software Requirements

Before you can install the NuvlaBox Engine, please make sure you have:

Enable Docker mode

The NuvlaBox requires the Docker environment to run in Swarm mode. While the NuvlaBox engine runs directly as Docker micro-services, Nuvla will normally run user applications in Docker Swarm. This makes possible clustering, facilitates placement policies and all that good stuff from Swarm.

To enable Docker Swarm run the following:

docker swarm init

Note: this assumes you only have one network interface.

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