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Warning: this is not the documentation of the latest version of the NuvlaBox. Go here to access the latest version.

NuvlaBox Engine Architecture


NBE Component Description
AGENT The agent is the beating heart of the NBE. It is responsible for the NB activation, commissioning and monitoring procedures. All outgoing communication towards Nuvla shall pass by the agent, via its internal REST API
SYSTEM MANAGER The system-manager is the NBE’s watchdog. It runs independently of all the other components. During the NBE bootstrap, it double checks that the device has the minimum requirements to support a NB, and if so, it starts scanning the whole NB on a periodic basis, searching for faulty NBE containers and trying to fix them automatically. It also provides an internal dashboard on the host’s endpoint, with the overall status of the NB
API There are 2 externally accessible APIs managed by the NBE: the compute-api provides a TLS-encrypted relay point to Docker (for app & container management) on the host’s <ip>:5000 endpoint; and the management-api provides a TLS-encrypted and NB-specific management API for remote control of the NB, on the host’s <ip>:5001 endpoint
NETWORK MANAGER The network-manager is responsible for ensuring a correct configuration of the host’s network stack, in such a way that it supports the NBE’s connectivity needs (such as the establishment of a VPN connection)
VPN CLIENT The standalone vpn-client component is solely responsible for picking up an OpenVPN configuration set by the network-manager and establishing a secure VPN tunnel with SixSq’s VPN server (or any other desired VPN server), ensuring that the NB is always remotely accessible
SECURITY The security component is an autonomous self-assessment agent which scans the edge device on a configurable periodic basis, looking for vulnerabilities. Each potential vulnerability is compared with public reference databases (like the CVE) for a full categorization of the problem. These databases are also kept up to date due to internal synchronization procedure which are also scheduled with a configurable frequency. The most critical vulnerabilities are sent to Nuvla (via the agent)
DATA GATEWAY The NBE data-gateway is a combination of micro-services which provides an abstraction layer between user applications and IoT sensors/actuators. Is is equipped with communication layer mechanisms (like an MQTT broker and a Reverse Proxy) which can, on demand, serve raw sensor data to any existing user applications, thus preventing users from having to embed complex sensor-specific data acquisition interfaces into their applications. Additionaly, and optionally, the NBE can also be deployed with the Data Gateway’s FIWARE Processor, which is a sidekick micro-service that validates the schema of MQTT data, against FIWARE’s data models, and upon successful validation, forwards data to a configurable outgoing endpoint. Learn how to make use of the Data Gateway in this video
PERIPHERAL MANAGER The NBE has the concept of Peripheral Managers. These are optional micro-services which perform automatic detection and categorization of peripherals that are or can be connected to the edge device. Such peripheral information can then be used to activate sensor data acquisition throught the Data Gateway. Examples of existing peripheral managers are: peripheral-manager-usb, peripheral-manager-bluetooth, peripheral-manager-modbus, peripheral-manager-gpu, peripheral-manager-network, and others