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Compatibility Matrix for the NuvlaBox Engine v2

NOTE: this table is only relevant in case you have your own instance of Nuvla. When working with, all NuvlaBox Engine versions are supported.

When installing the NBE, please make sure the target release is supported by the Nuvla instance being used ( by default).

NOTE: you can check Nuvla’s version number on the page’s footer, or on the “about” page (e.g. current version)

NBE Release Nuvla Release
2.1.1 2.2.25+
2.1.0 2.2.25+
2.0.6* 2.2.25+
2.0.5* 2.2.24+
2.0.4* 2.2.24+
2.0.1* 2.2.23+
2.0.0* 2.2.20+

* pre-release: should not be used in production

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