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Deploying your first NuvlaEdge Application

Once you’ve installed either the NuvlaEdge Engine or NuvlaEdge OS, you’ll find yourself with an Edge Computing capable device, that you can remotely manage from Nuvla.

If your NuvlaEdge installation was successful, you should now see the following in Nuvla:

So, let’s deploy a Nuvla App into your NuvlaEdge:

  1. login into and go to the Marketplace


  2. find your desired application (let’s say Nginx for example)
  3. after making sure that App is compatible with your NuvlaEdge’s architecture, click launch


  4. select the right Credential for the NuvlaEdge infrastructure you’re deploying to
  5. if applicable, define any environment variables, configuration files and/or other runtime parameters that might be required by your app
  6. click launch, and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can follow the state of your deployment