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Deploy an app

Let’s deploy a simple app. You always deploy an app on a NuvlaEdge or in the cloud. We’ll assume here that you want to deploy an app at the edge.

For this, you need access to a NuvlaEdge. If you don’t have one available yet, you can create a new NuvlaEdge here.

Make sure you have at least one online NuvlaEdge. You can do that on the Edges page by looking for an online NuvlaEdge.

So, let’s deploy a Nuvla App into your NuvlaEdge:

  1. login into Nuvla and go to the All Apps tab of the Apps page


  2. find your desired application (let’s say Nginx for example)


  3. select a NuvlaEdge to deploy this app to. Notice that Nuvla will automatically check the availability of the NuvlaEdge and that you have the right credentials


  4. If the app has an End-User License Agreement (EULA), read it and if you accept it, tick the accept box


  5. if applicable, define any environment variables, configuration files and/or other runtime parameters that might be required by your app (this NGINX example application doesn’t)

  6. and if the app is a paying app, you will also have to accept the fees (this Nginx example application doesn’t)

  7. click deploy, and you’ll be redirected to the page of the new deployment, where you can follow the state of your deployment, and interact with it.